Our operations respect the environment and aim at the constant decrease of our environmental footprint. Meanwhile:

  • We ensure that our business development is in compliance with responsibility to the environment and we seek to prevent pollution, to comply with the existing laws and regulations so as to improve at all times the performance of our Company in environmental management issues.
  • We make investments in new infrastructure, monitor our performance and implement environmental management programs aiming always at our improvement in this sector.
  • We implement an Environmental Management System certified (ISO 14001:2015) in all our production plants.

Environmental Management System

Respect for the environment and protecting nature are objectives of primary importance to us. Therefore, the Company has adopted a comprehensive environmental policy and is committed to ensure that its business development is environmentally responsible. As a practical demonstration of its commitment to rational environmental management and protecting the environment, Fitco Implements a certified Environmental Management System in all its production plants, in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Fitco’s Environmental Policy

ISO 14001 Certificate