Single phase alpha brass is characterized by maximum cold ductility and can be extensively deformed by rolling, drawing, bending, spinning, deep drawing (for the manufacture of cartridge cases), coining, piercing, cold heading and thread rolling. Tubes for heat exchangers are frequently manufactured from the alpha brass, normally of 70/30 composition but often containing alloying additions which enhance corrosion resistance. Substantial quantities of alpha alloys are also used for the manufacture of fasteners such as wood screws, rivets and zip fasteners. For less demanding fabrications such as spring contacts in a domestic electrical socket, an alloy with a higher zinc content can be used, such as CuZn33, CuZn36 and CuZn37 (common brass). These alloys are not quite as ductile as CuZn30, although other mechanical properties are similar.


Fitco can produce lead free brass solid rods, tubes, flat bars, sections and wires.