Dear Business partners,

Οn 01.07.2021 the decision with Registration Code Number 2574251 and protocol Nr. 73823/01.07.2021 of the Ministry of Development and Investments, General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection, was registered in the General Commercial Registry (“G.E.MI.”). Βy operation of the aforesaid decision the merger by absorption of “FITCO” by the Copper Extrusion division of ELVALHALCOR was approved.

ELVALHALCOR becomes the successor of FITCO, by undertaking all rights and obligations (including receivables, liabilities, contracts etc) of the latter. As of July 1st, 2021 onwards, FITCO ceases to exist as a legal entity. Consequently, all relevant legal and commercial documents 
(Contracts, Invoices, Delivery Notes etc) related to the activities of FITCO will be now issued in the name of ELVALHALCOR with the following details: 

Tax and legal elements of the new Company remain the same as those of ELVALHALCOR S.A. :
GEN. COM. REGISTRY. Number: 303401000 
VAT Number: EL 094061318, 
ATHENS S.A. Companies Tax Office
REG. OFFICE: Athens Tower (2nd Building) 2-4 Mesogeion Ave., GR 115 27, Athens, Greece

Addresses for delivery of goods and services remain the same as those of FITCO., i.e. :

  • Extrusion Plant: 59th km National Road Athens-Lamia, 320 11, Oinofyta Viotia, Greece
  • Headquarters: 62th km National Road Athens-Lamia, 320 11, Oinofyta Viotia, Greece (*)
    (*) Headquarters & Correspondence Address

Apart from the above, there will be no other changes. You may continue addressing your orders to the same personnel and the ordered products will be manufactured at the same production sites and supplied through the same distribution channels.

The Head Offices of the Company are situated in the 62nd km Athens-Lamia National Road, GR 320 11, Oinofyta-Viotia, Greece, where all correspondence should be sent. As we continue to strive for continuous improvement of quality of our services, kindly be informed that the contact details of the departments you work with remain the same and we are at your disposal for any support. 

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With this letter, we would like to inform you regarding the upcoming new structure of HALCOR, namely, the merger by absorption of "FITCO S.A." by the Copper Tubes division of ELVALHALCOR. Specifically, we announce that the Boards of Directors of the companies "ELVALHALCOR" and its 100% subsidiary, non-listed company "FITCO METAL WORKS SINGLE MEMBER S.A.” as per their decisions, on 14/5/2021, decided the commencement of preparatory activities for the merger by absorption of “FITCO” by "ELVALHALCOR". The business transformation is scheduled to be completed in the second half of 2021. In the interim period, FITCO will continue to exist as entity and our collaboration remains unchanged. We will keep you updated on the progress.

The merger will capitalize on economies of scale, synergies and optimal utilization of productive and commercial potential, setting HALCOR as a leading global manufacturer in the international market of copper extrusion and copper alloys.

As we continue our continuous improvement programs of our services, kindly be informed that the contact details of the departments you work with remain the same and we are at your disposal for any support needed.


Yours in faith,

Gontzes V.                                    Kaforos D.


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As a responsible manufacturer, FITCO always operates according to the highest Health and Safety standards. Due to the increase of public health concerns over the globally spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus and COVID-19 disease, also known as Coronavirus, FITCO acted immediately and developed a Covid-19 Protocol and activated the Crisis Management Team to monitor its implementation. The Protocol includes detailed guidelines to effectively manage each potential case of infection, authorizations & prohibitions and regulated accesses. Main actions are the following:  

  • All employees, suppliers and everyone entering FITCO’s premises are scanned with a thermometer at the entrance and proceeds according to the detailed guidance of the Protocol. Sanitizing alcoholic hand gel is placed at the entrance for obligatory usage, whereas others are placed to every working station. Medical protective masks and gloves are provided. Screening practices also include visitor verification of recent travel history and any potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Detailed instructions are provided to transportation companies: all drivers are required to carry and wear medical protective masks, medical protective gloves and are requested to keep 2 mtrs distance from FITCO 's employees and FITCO 's clients.
  • Continuous and updated internal communication with instructive newsletters distributed regularly, following Greek and World Health Organization’s guidance.
  • Trips and / or visits have been reduced to minimum, i.e. business critical cases and only upon General Management prior approval. All events, meetings and trainings have been transferred to video or tele-conferences, when applicable, or have been postponed in due time.
  • From/to FITCO transportation seats, working stations and potential common areas have been increased, in order to keep at least 2 mtrs distance between employees, and minimize crowding in common areas. Working from home -when possible- is encouraged and special leaves are offered especially to those employees who are considered to be more vulnerable.
  • Under a specific procedure, instructions are set on how to handle any potential case of infection and a specific areas have been appointed as an isolation room.
  • Increased daily cleaning and weekly disinfections have been already implemented and will repeatedly take place according to a specified timetable planning. Instructions on proper hand washing as per WHO guidelines are placed to encourage proper self-hygiene.

For FITCO Health and Safety comes first and foremost and it is important for all of us to remain calm and respect the guidelines provided by the WHO and the Greek Government, in order to overcome the current situation with the minimum possible impact.  
FITCO will update its operations and Protocols based on the dynamic developments.
Inofyta, 16/3/20

Join us at the High Energy Mariculture Conference on 17th – 19th October 2018, in Corfu, Greece

We are pleased to announce that we are sponsors at the High Energy Mariculture Conference in Corfu on 17th-19th October. This year’s event will be the ninth in the Offshore Mariculture Family, but the first with the new High Energy Mariculture name, reflecting the advancement of the European offshore aquaculture industry. This event has been a staple in the industry’s diary as an event which provides a platform for discussion and innovation.

The programme will explore the progress and prospects for offshore aquaculture in both European and international waters and includes a technical visit to Corfu Sea Farm allowing delegates a comprehensive insight into how offshore fish farms operate today. The focus will be on marine finfish, and the conference will consist of two days of presentations and case studies, with a conference dinner in the evening of day 1.

You can view the full programme here.


We hope you can join us in Corfu.

Fitco attends AQUA 2018!


France will be hosting the AQUA 2018 event from August 25th to August 29th. Held every six years, this global aquaculture event is co-organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and the World Aqua Society (WAS). #AQUA2018  #WeRAquaculture


Fitco's team will be attending the trade show to present the UR30© Copper Alloy Nets for Aquaculture Cages. We will be available to answer any questions you might have about our product and discuss your upcoming aquaculture projects. #aquaculture

On 27 June, ECHA included lead metal in the Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) under REACH. According to REACH regulation EC/1907/2006, article 33, ‘Duty to communicate information on substances in articles’, any supplier of an article containing a substance listed in the SVHC list in a concentration above 0,1% weight by weight (w/w) shall provide the recipient of the article with sufficient information, available to the supplier, to allow safe use of the article including, as a minimum, the name of the substance. In this case, recipients are industrial or professional users and distributors, but not consumers. In the case of supply to consumers, the same information must be provided within 45 days of a consumer request.

FITCO’s Brass semi-finished products contain lead in a concentration that cannot exceed 3,4% depending on the alloy. Sufficient information about the safe use of the articles can be found in the Product Information Sheets (see here).

It is important to mention that Brass semi-finished products are articles according to REACH Regulation EC/1907/2006 and according to article 31 there is no legal obligation to issue a Safety Data Sheet. However, to be able to provide sufficient information typically included in a Safety Data Sheet also for articles, the Product Information Sheets for articles have been voluntarily issued.

Fitco supports the fish farming industry in the Mediterranean region with UR30® Copper Alloy Nets

Key Highlights:

  • A UR30® copper alloy net pen has been installed on the island of Kefalonia for the cultivation of Sea Bass
  • Τhe UR30® copper alloy nets have been designed to facilitate harvesting and grading operations with the support of vertical lifting ropes
  • The UR30® copper alloy nets have been attached to a pre-existed conventional floating collar (2 HDPE Pipes x 250mm each)

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Fitco recertified according to ISO 18001: 2007 by TUV Austria

The health & safety management system is recertified according to ISO 18001: 2007 according to ISO 14001: 2004 by a three yearly recertification audit from TUV Hellas certification and inspection body in 4/2017

See the certificate here

Fitco recertified according to ISO 14001: 2004 by TUV Austria

Τhe Environmental Management system is recertified according to ISO 14001: 2004 by a three yearly recertification audit from TUV Hellas certification and inspection body in 4/2017

See the certificate here

Fitco recertified according to ISO 9001: 2008 by TUV Hellas


The quality management system is recertified according to ISO 9001: 2008 by a three yearly recertification audit from TUV Hellas certification and inspection body in 10/2016.


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